Transactive Energy Workflows

Each agent (Nanogrid) is structured to use the following logic. This process is performed in each Nanogrid time interval.
The time interval is configurable but in the Australian system we use 5 minute intervals.
As can be seen below the agent flow is very simple in that each Agent will determine its energy available and needed. It will then use any available energy it can to service it's own requirements. This may mean providing for appliances and local consumption or filling a local battery.
Once local needs are fullfilled the agent may still require energy. At this point the agent will place a Request for Energy.
To service this need it will first iterate through an ordered list of Supply Agreements available. This may include neighbours, peers, or community assets (batteries etc).
The agent will procure energy from providers in that list taking whatever is available.
If the agent reaches the end of that list and still has a residual need for energy they will run the ''BuyPower'' function which will procure the energy needed from the Retail provider.