The IOEN protocol was initially created and bootstrapped in the RedGrid-Monash Net-Zero Initiative project. The code for this project was originally written on the Redux version of Holochain and enabled energy transactions and markets between assets, devices, and users in the Monash Microgrid.
Towards the end of that project the Holochain team released the new more performant RSM (Refactored State Model/latest version) and the IOEN software was then re-written for that release.
Since that time both the IOEN tech team and Holochain solutions have undergone a significant amount of change and tested the solution in a range of projects that has resulted in new features and also learnings that have been incorporated into the framework and are outlined in this document.
At the time of writing the current version of Holochain is 0.0.157 and this protocol specification and implementation has been written for this operating version.
It should be noted that although the foundational protocol elements and attributes of the IOEN protocol are built on Holochain much of the specification and implementation in this document is written in C#.
That is because the majority of the testing and project work so far performed has been performed through the development of a core product which is written in Unity and C#. currently is closed testing however will shortly be released and will provide a testing and playground for the IOEN community to simulate and stage implementations.
The code included in this document should be considered Alpha and certainly the Holochain codebase on which much of the protocol is based itself is still in Alpha.
It is not intended for production release at this stage.
Last modified 6mo ago