Welcome to the Internet of Energy!

The Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) is two things:
1) A community: a community for the sharing of ideas, concepts and projects that enable and accelerating the clean energy transition from the bottom up.
2) A technology: IOENs technology is a protocol for Peer to Peer transactions, accounting and agreements between distributed energy devices, users, and systems. Through its technology and token IOEN enables an ecosystem for clean energy value transfer that is fast, scalable and works globally and locally.
This document outlines the specifications for the technology element above and is designed to help you build with IOEN.
It details the characteristics, architecture and implementation of the IOEN Protocol. It also provides some useful links to implementation use cases and tools we have created that you may wish to deploy or use to imagine and build your own.
IOEN is an open-source community effort, so feel free to suggest new topics, add new content, and provide examples wherever you think it might be helpful. All documentation can be edited via GitHub
Our goal with this protocol is to accelerate the transition to clean energy from the community and end user up and provide a solution that any individual can implement and create value from for their community.
Happy reading!
Last modified 9mo ago